Toys of the Past

She’s seen some better days

Sometimes objects are all we have to connect us to memories we desperately wish to relive. Looking at what objects people keep dear to their heart can bring a deep understanding of who they are. For me, it was a doll my grandma-grandma gave me when I was born, or so I was told that’s the origin of the doll named Sally. Sally and I’s journey began while I was still a newborn. Her warm silky body brought me back to my grandma-grandma’s hugs. It’s items like these that hold our dearest memories, bringing us back to relive them.

There’s a familiarity in categorizing the worth and sentimentality of an object. What is not familiar is the thought that objects are emotional passengers in our journey through life. It’s safe to say that I don’t think I’ll be giving away Sally’s seat in this journey anytime soon. In the words of Turkle, “We think with the objects we love; we love the objects we think with.”

Objects can come in all shapes and sizes, meaning different things to different people. These objects impact us deeply. Whether its marking a life transformation, emotional, or even intellectual. The interesting thing is that when we look at the objects, we don’t see the vocational aspects, we see the meaning behind the object; I don’t see Sally as just a doll, I see her as a meaningful piece of my grandma-grandma that will forever live on.

It’s not common for people to recognize the power of these objects, rather they just see the importance without making the connection. The term materialism is long overdue, but it gives the recognition that objects serve a much greater influence than most of us like to admit. Life is not measured in stages, rather its unpredictable with obstacles and changes that cannot be seen by even the greatest psychics and that’s the same for these objects we believe hold an importance; just like life, these objects are fluid.

It wasn’t until my grandma-grandma passed away that I realized Sally was a whole lot more than just a doll. Making the connection between her memory and this doll that thousands of other people may have didn’t matter anymore. I accepted the notion that Sally was forever in this life with me to remind me every day what an amazing woman my grandma-grandma was. This is the same reason why people get tattooed with important photographs or sentiments that hold more meaning than most people understand.