I tried the “No Poo” thing. Here’s what happened

The “no poo” thing isn’t not going poop, fyi. I would be writing this from the hospital or the grave if it were. The “no poo” thing is an abbreviation for “no shampoo,” not using shampoo.

I read an article by a young lady who had also tried the “no poo” thing. It’s supposed to let the scalp’s natural oil do its thing. She reported softer, shinier hair after an adjustment period of about three weeks. So, I decided to give it a go.

My only concern was my itchy scalp and subsequent dandruff, most prevalent in the dry winter months. So, I got rid of the shampoo, but continued to use a cleansing conditioner to keep my scalp moisturized. I put away my Head & Shoulders and used all-natural Wen cleansing conditioner on my scalp and hair.

If you know me, you know that I have curly hair. And curly hair loooves conditioner. So, my curls looked good; they were tighter and I also noticed less volume near the roots. No uncomfortable adjustment period, just more root-fluffing required. This was back in May.

Fast forward to September, I was still going strong with the “no poo” thing when, uh oh, my scalp started itching…and it wouldn’t stop. Thank you pre-winter dryness.

So, I decided to use Head & Shoulders just for like a week, to stop the itching. After a couple washes, not only were my itches gone, my curls were bigger, bouncier, softer, more manageable, and required much less root-fluffing.

What is this?! I thought. The effects that my “no poo” inspiration had reported, I only experienced after switching back to shampoo. My hair looked good with and without using shampoo, but everything was just a little bit better with using it. Huh.

Conclusion: (You will be seeing this in future rants, I’m sure) All-natural is not always better. If it was, non-natural things wouldn’t have been invented.

Yes Poo.

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