It comes,

Goes on ahead to a new station.

It floats over water,
Climbing mountains,
Sailing the skies,

Your mind wanders on these trips you take,
Stories, you didnt know form.

A feeling sinks in, 
Moving, as fast as the train of thought.
Crsahing through landscapes of your mind, 
Barely registering the view.
Languidly exploring,
But faster than bullets,

In it’s desperation to reach a destination,
Halting, awkwardly at stations too barren and deserted.

Waiting, for another train to pass by.
That thunderous short lived affair,
Our eyes meet as you pass me by,
Barely stopping to take a look at me,
You trying to reach your home,
I running away from mine.

Where I’m headed,
Time alone knows.
I hopped on for the ride nevertheless.

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