Snapped Up In Bits.

Illustration By Upamanyu Bhattacharya

Flying high, 
Up in ships of cotton.
Feeling rotten, 
Oh! What’d I do?

Sweeping low, 
Down below, 
Into still water.
I’ve been a bother,
To you. 

To you, 
All I’ve done,
Is lies, 
And deceit, 
And cold trembling feet.
It would’ve been neat, 
But shit.

And you, 
You think it’s fair.
Sit there silent,
Blankly stare.
As we head towards nowhere.
You’re the same,
You’re shit.

Yet somehow it’s fecal bliss,
When at the end we kiss.
There’s nothing I could miss,
When I have you.

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