Fvck.Failure.Xi. The night Seth.Godin. + T.Ferriss. saved my life.

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Despite all those stupid jokes you’ve heard, you’re amazing.

The fact that you can read and interpret this sh.t post is incredible.

But here’s the drill, most people see fear as a “reminder” to turn around.

Me and my bros say “Lets dance with fear, until we turn fear into a well trained crocodile.”

My go-to philosophy on fear is as follows… outsmart fear once, to outsmart fear again.

Some guys can’t keep up with me…
Just 2 months ago, this guy threaten to pull a gun on me…
He reached in his back pocket, and one of my magician buddies distracted him long enough so I could ghost/phantom the situation.

Less than 20 minutes later, my path crossed with the same guy that tried to pull the gun… and my go-to response was…

To walk over to him, shake his hand, and ask “Are you living well?”
He didn’t reply…
So I rephrased… “Are you living well enough?!”
He finally replied :: “Yes sir.”

Quite the change of tune after he knew his “war zone” tactics were in my playground play-book.

You can’t fake being fearless, but when you know enough techniques (knowledge transfer :: 4 hour chef :: Meta-learning), you’re not a newbie at anything. :: Just keep scaling failures until you succeed.

Next time someone pulls a gun… I know how to ghost them… Whether I’m by myself or in a group. I cross-reference situations on the fly, until I find a pattern match. <<(Thanks Seth Godin).