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I’ve worked in a lot of kitchens.
I’ve been a sous Chef, and an Executive Chef.
This story is about “precision”.

When I was a sous, my Exec told me… “You’re the only one I trust to make [this dressing] and [this sauce].

He told me my consistency is perfect.

As an Executive Chef myself, I thought out the direction of my Pico.De.Gallo so well, guests called me out to their table to thank me, for something most people (chefs or guests) overlook.

I never “measured” anything as a sous, or as an Exec.

I actually took steps to “mimic the illusion of measuring” to save my job, but I never measured.

Here’s why.
If you pick up two apples from the same batch, one apple will be sweeter than the other, oxygen effects both apples differently, based on age, and types of sun exposure (More leaves means more shade, means a greener tarter apple).
This “inconsistency” happens to all foods, all the time.

My “measurements” happened when I tasted, not when I was pouring.
Your business, job, or hobby has this inconsistency too…

Even if you’re making smartphone apps, the screen contrast, and brightness change, sometimes people view your apps in the sun, or in a dark bedroom.

Systems only work when judgements let the system work…

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