I have about 40 epiphanies/day. :: And you can too!

Alright, so I’m a full time designer, I don’t care too much about the medium, I care about the purpose.

And the purpose and the mission statement are (most of the time) identical…

Here’s the hierarchy of… my designs. :: Within this category.

Life. :: Design perpetually.
Film-making :: Design a skateboarding video that gets two views. Then design a skateboarding video that gets four views… (The system continues systematically until I reach 3,994,685 views, then the view count flips into +1 (from my highest view count video to infinity (and beyond.))

So my latest epiphany was… :: Some times the design is WAY better than the mission statement. ::

In this case, I designed a “mission video” where I “logged” the/my progressions to land my first switch tre-flip… (see video.01) :: (Not me)…


And I noticed that this (my video not the example video) video is WAY better than just a 2 views video… So, I started designing a video to publish before the switch tre-flip progression video, because since I already know what the next progression is… (4 views), I already have a firm base for the 4 views video.

Most people just want to add one video a day, and just hope everything works out, and yes, these people will probably get more than 4millions views in the same month, I’ll probably have more views by the end of time, because I build videos to be timeless, while the 1 video/day guys (almost) have no choice but to be stuck inside a layer of trends.

The trends that… I’m building.
And the trends that they’re building…
And the trends of 1000s of other skateboarding videos out there…

I have all the time in the world to pause and reflect, while they’re always behind the 8 ball. :: And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just the facts as I see them. Because I used to be those guys that post a video/day.