Why we’re all angry at anger.

Alright, step one, understand we’re all geniuses.

You’re not “special” you’re “extraordinary” (<<Read as literal, not rah rah or figurative) in your chosen medium/culture.

Step two, Society profits when you listen to the leaders without asking questions. :: think about school, and that one kid that said “Why do I need to know Algebra…” :: The fact is, Algebra is important… Another fact is, No one needs to know arbitrary algebra… :: What’s 9+8+x=82? <<That’s not the real world…

Step three, however, everyone benefits when you listen to the leaders, and ask questions.

(Watch the video again if you need to) On second 6, the guy’s about to break into a bank to steal like $100k, (if I remember write) (<<HA get it?)

At second 11, you can see flashes of anger, (I’m a body language guy), and I believe, (the actor) is genuinely angry about something (this is called Method Acting)… :: Also being the body language guy, I understand Matt Bomer is actually a genius in his day to day life.

So, why is Neal Caffrey angry when he got exactly what he wanted?

Every time a genius is correct, they further separate themselves from society, creating distance, and emotional unrest, and social isolation (<<Which is a major player in suicide)...

This image is… hyperbole actually.

Because everyone was born a genius (Even the “mentally disabled and retarted kids”), and we know exactly what we’re a genius in at the age of 4 (Enter perceived prodigies that climb very quickly :: They just knew how to use it… and used it!)…

But the common folks, have chosen “ignorance”, rather than life skills.

When I talk about life skills, you’re probably thinking cooking and cleaning…
Which is right, but it’s also, math, science, art, design, swimming, whatever is an attribute of “life”, there’s a way to profit from it. (Emotionally and financially.)

However the geniuses climb because they wanna be near(er) to the other (non-ignorant) geniuses (so we grow outward, circling the everyday dudes by default or as a by-product, not by design…).

Keep in mind, ignorant people are not stupid, they are unable to process (some) categories of life, because they profited (emotionally) in the past (more than often under the age of 5), from choosing ignorance.

However, if you tap into this genius, you’ll understand that you can become more aware, and start growing outward… :: The container will expand to fit the contents… it’s fine, we’re ready to accept you (Not saying I’m an outliner, we as the world are ready, when you are ready…), we just don’t want any copy cats, so you gotta serve a purpose, to earn your spot on the outline.

For instance… (this one’s heavy :: prepare yourself)…

God is a thing, we have 100% of the science that determines God actually exists in the physical world, however, the funny part is… “No one can agree on what the term ‘God’ means.” :: Mainly because… (get ready again)… it gives the common folks (the one’s choosing ignorance) something to do on Sunday morning.

Because if you knew the “scientific definition” of God, you’d sleep in on Sundays.