An update! Version 0.002?

Ah, it’s been a bit longer than I hoped — but if you’ve ever built anything before you’re most likely smirking a bit right now knowing-well that delays are the most predictable part of the creation process.

Anyway. We’re quite excited about today’s little — but hardly insignificant — update to th-oughts. Tons of little tweaks, etc, but I’ll highlight the 3 main ones below:

First, a directory. One of my favorite things about start-ups is when you’re sitting there looking at a prototype, or a sketch on a whiteboard, or you’ve just finished elegantly explaining it to a friend — and — if you’ve launched one before — you stop and realize that it’s most likely going to be considerably different looking visually and functionally only 3–4 weeks after you launch it. All those things you were so steadfast about not changing for whatever reason will soon become surprisingly flexible as your customers and friends tell you: “Hey man, I tried it out…pretty cool, but uh, I don’t think I get it..?”

For us, that was not having a directory of experts. We strongly believed that we could be incredibly minimal interface-wise on our end and that the experts would regularly share their being a user of th-oughts on their own social media. The first few days went great…but it becomes not only monotonous for them to constantly share their involvement but also quite obnoxious. It also left users who don’t follow any of our experts on social media to be completely confused as to what we do and how to use it. It simply just didn’t work well. A bit dumb in retrospect. So we took a stab at an incredibly simple directory view. You can find it by tapping the menu in the upper right and then tapping “find an expert.”

We already have the next two versions of the directory designed as our list grows — but more on that later in this post.

*Also, I’ll paypal or square cash $10 to the first person who recognizes where we got the color palette for the expert list from.

Second, design. “Simple” design is tough. Every margin that’s too big or too small stands out like a sore thumb. Every little interaction or visual element that needs to be more thoughtfully approached seems totally out of place after a few uses, etc. We spent a ton of time cleaning things up on almost every page — won’t go into the details, but we think we’ve made good progress. It’s a never ending process and happens to be one of my favorite things to do.

Third, our experts. Last, and without question, not least would be the addition of our new experts. I mentioned in a post a while back that we’d brought on our first new team member outside of myself and Zac Boswell — his name is Charles Warden — though some may know him better as “Regular Charles.” He’s the “dot-connectors” dot-connector — no joke. He’s managing all of our expert on-boarding and relations. It’s been incredibly fun to work with him on this project after having been friends for 7+ years. Today, we’re launching 5 new experts…and we have a proper schedule in place for launching new expert batches every 2 weeks for the foreseeable future. I cannot thank all of our experts enough for taking a risk with us on this experiment…they’ve all work incredibly hard to be where they are in life and their taking time to help others advance in life via our service keeps is incredible. Again, thank you to them. We’ll be launching interviews with each of them here on our medium over the next few days.

More updates to come………………

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