An update: We think it’s working…

There are two metrics we use right now to judge the health of th-oughts — questions asked, and momentum.

The first one is quite easy. We have a very simple back-end built to track questions asked per expert. No big deal. Funny though, our numbers are still small enough now that we can mentally plot day-over-day growth. Looking forward to the day they’re too big to remember from the previous day.

The second one, momentum, is a bit tougher — its more of a “feel” than anything else. It doesn’t fit on a spreadsheet well. Its a combination of questions asked, rate at which we add experts, experts in the pipeline, quality of experts, level of comfort each expert has in promoting th-oughts on their own social channels, tech support requests, feedback we get from friends on the street, followers/likes/interactions on our (tiny!) social channels, level of press we received (none, ha!), and most important — do people find value in it? Again, tough to put it all on a spreadsheet.

I think I can speak for the whole team (three of us, all part-time) that each day feels like we’ve advanced things as compared to the previous day when using those two metrics. Have to step back and admit…it’s a good feeling. To build anything from scratch and have someone open their wallet and give X number of dollars to you is always harder than you think it will be. We’re tiny right now — not even at the inflection point to know if we have a lifestyle business or scalable business on our hands. What we do know is that we’ve created something with value and we have momentum.

Thanks to Zac, Charles, our experts, and everyone who’s used the service…seriously, thanks.

“We think its working.”