Expert Intro—Christión Lennon

From Pasadena, California, Christión Lennon is a 26 year old Orange County based entrepreneur balancing business and design. Christión’s progressive design reach isn’t bound by medium. At 16, he found himself immersed in streetwear. The same culture he would then work in and mold just three years later. Working with music labels and streetwear companies early into his career solidified his ambitions as his creative. Created with his close friends, the aptly titled Brotherhood, consumes Lennon’s day-to-day all while still creating cultural touch points with his branding and consulting agency, Ciel. With Brotherhood and Ciel growing, Christión’s still finds time to work on newer projects such as his new label Chateau Lane.

Where in the world are you right now? Where will you be next?
I am currently in my design studio in Costa Mesa, CA. Lately, I’ve been into Architecture as I’ve been going on a lot of drives around my neighborhood of Newport/Laguna Beach gaining inspiration for my new project Chateau Lane, launching next year.

What does “education” mean to you? How would you define it?
Education to me just means Experience good or bad you learn from it. You take that with you for the rest of your life and can apply that to anything that you do. It’s just like in a job application where they ask “experience” & “education” you might not have graduated collage or even high school but if the experience is there they will definitely consider.

Where do you think education is headed? Where will it be in 10 years? 100?
I think we need to cater to the youth early. I feel like our education system in America is teaching people to work for others, take orders, and not really think outside of the box and work for themselves and become there own boss. I would like to see a lot more people taking more risk and not worry about a design or fashion degree to get started, school isn’t going anywhere.

Most frequently received (advice related) question?
How did I get started in Music / Garment Business?

Why did you join th-oughts?
When I discovered th-oughts I was excited to see some of my peers like Anwar, Niko, and Kev on here and I feel like I can help others thru this platform by sharing my “th-oughts”. One on one with somebody I think it creates a more personal relationship than reaching out through social media. Thoughts brings a greater learning experience and feels like a more modern education platform.

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