Expert Intro—Jeff Staple

2 min readMay 10, 2017

Jeff Ng (aka “jeffstaple”) is an established graphic and fashion designer, curator, branding expert, footwear aficionado, and all-around creative visionary. He founded Staple Design, Inc. in 1997: now a well-known streetwear brand (@StaplePigeon), creative consulting agency (Staple Design) and retail concept (@ReedSpace, founded in 2002). Some clients include HBO, Levi’s, Sony, Microsoft, Nike, Burton Snowboards, LVMH, Uniqlo, Kid Robot, Kia and ESPN. Over the years, Jeff has taken Staple’s motto, “A Positive Social Contagion” to whole new levels, spreading his instinctual design know-how and fresh knowledge across all media platforms and worldwide.

Where in the world are you right now? Where will you be next?
I am answering this question in the midst of a trek from NYC to Washington DC to Los Angeles to Palm Springs back to LA then to Portland, then back to LA, then back to NY — all in a matter of a week!

What does “education” mean to you? How would you define it
Education is the free passing of knowledge from one brain to another. Anything else that relates to a test, a score, a tuition, a diploma, or a board, is not Education — it’s a Business.

Where is education headed? Where will it be in 10 years? 100?
In the future, I think Education will be like it was in “The Matrix” — but without the SD Card. You’ll be able to insert knowledge “files” into your brain as easy as it is to order a Postmates.

French? Yes.
Kung Fu? Yes.
Coding? Yes.
Read a legal document? Yes.

Intelligence will be defined by how much your brain can accommodate — much like a hard drive. Some uber smart people will be able to withhold a lot of these files. But others will need to delete files out of their brain as they add new ones. Much like the person who can’t take anymore photos on their iPhone because their memory is filled. They need to delete one before they can shoot one.

Most frequently received (advice related) question?
How do I quit my day job?”

Why did you join th-oughts?
It’s just another way of sharing. And I like sharing.




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