Expert Intro—Mike Camargo (Upscale Vandal)

Better known to most as Upscale Vandal, Mike is a powerful influencer in fashion and streetwear. In addition to being one of social media’s favorite dressers, he runs the lifestyle management firm Upscale Vandal Group (with fellow th-oughts expert Darryl “Curtains” Jackson) working with the likes of Pusha T, J Balvin, and Roc Nation.

Where in the world are you right now? Where will you be next?
I’m currently in NY but I’m somehow always in an airport so that’s where I’ll be next.

What does “education” mean to you? How would you define it?
Education to me means growth. I think the more you learn the more you grow. You can be educated in so many different ways but ultimately whatever helps you grow the most is the best form of learning.

Where do you think education is headed? Where will it be in 10 years? 100?
Hopefully in the next 10 years the education systems will be dynamic and adaptive. Everyone learns and reacts to things differently so it’s imperative to start changing the way we teach kids to better suit their needs.

Most frequently received (advice related) question?
“how do I get started in the industry” or “how do I do what I love for living and make money” is something I get everyday.

Why did you join th-oughts?
I joined th-oughts to be able help and connect with more people in a broader space. I have but so much time in a day to answer questions and give advice in a conventional way so this app allows me to organize and manage my output and i can dedicate a certain amount of time out of my week to help others without it interrupting my normal schedule.

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