Last week as an experiment.

Last week we flicked the switch to “on” and asked a couple of our friends, who are experts on the service, to promote it on their social channels. That’s it. When developing a new product or service you eventually get to a magic part of the process — typically very close to launch day — where you realize there’s only one “thing” you’re going to be looking for on launch day/week. The feature list, design, UX, the name we picked, how that one menu works, what the auto emails look like, etc, etc, etc all kind of fade away as you get excited/nervous about whatever that one “thing” is. For us — it was pretty simple.

“Will people pay to ask someone they deem as an expert a question?”

That’s it. While we have all sorts of broad visions of what this thing could be in the future — none of that really mattered if the fundamental function of the service wasn’t interesting to people. So, one week ago today, just an hour or two from launch — questions had indeed been asked and then answered by our experts. “Swish.” The number was pretty tiny — but we had a bit of champagne that evening regardless.

In these coming weeks? So much work, fine-tuning, rethinking, exploring to do. As they say — it’s off to the races.

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