We’re launching a scholarship with our “internet blue” hoodie.

Since well before a line of code was ever written for th-oughts, actually before it was even called th-oughts, we had the idea of launching a super simple scholarship program. And, today, we’re starting the process…

Here’s how it’ll work:

– Anyone, any age, anywhere in the world can apply.

– The application will be just 5 questions. More on that in the coming weeks.

– The th-oughts team (and friends!) will review the applications weekly.

– People who are selected will receive scholarships in the form questions* not currency. They can “spend” these questions with any of the experts on th-oughts. Scholarship will come in the form of 5, 10, and 25 question* amounts.

– That’s it.

Where does the money for these scholarship come from?

The scholarships, as per usual, are completely free for the users they are given to. But…we still need to pay our experts for each question they answer whether its from a scholarship user or not.

This is where the hoodie comes in. It’s our take on the classic “Harvard” arched graphic hoodie that you wear to death, done in our school color, internet blue. Instead of us simply selling merch and keeping the profit — each hoodie purchased contributes 3 questions* to the th-oughts scholarship fund. Super simple. It’s a tangible, and quite classic, way for anyone to show support creative minds by giving them access to other incredible minds via th-oughts.

$50 — available for purchase here.

*Right now on th-oughts it’s $10 to ask a question. But that may change. So we decided to issue our scholarship in the denomination of “questions” a user can spend on the service rather than dollars as dollar cost may fluctuate over time. Its more beneficial for the user and overall much easier to understand.