Where would you like th-oughts to be in 3 years?

I love the idea of some 16 year old aspiring industrial designer in rural Nebraska who’s working on something incredible — but is a bit stuck creatively or technically — to be able to learn, even via just a few transactions, from an old master in Italy. That being perhaps a more romantic vision of what we’re working on might be able to accomplish.

Ultimately, the hope is that even small, simple interactions in the worlds of fashion, photography, visual design, UX/UI, video production, and beyond will create a structured but entirely decentralized way to learn. To learn from creating first, then improving via iteration based on feedback from people you personally deem as experts in a given field. This idea of decentralized peer-to-peer education is ultimately what we’re chasing. What if everyone were a part time adjunct “professor” of sorts?

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