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Giving someone a cell phone number and talking briefly doesn’t mean engagement. Nor does hand signing thousands of letters. What does the letter say? We didn’t get your letter, btw, nor did you visit us. I would not have the information shared from those two things. Engagement would mean visiting groups of people and being part of a dialogue. News coverage could then highlight some of the topics and what you said.

Engagement would also include attending community events and talking with voters — whether it’s a community fair, a farmer’s market, a church social and more. When people have learned more about you they’d talk with others. All I was trying to share is that if I, someone who is very engaged in the community and who keeps up with issues of importance, did not come across more of your plans and ideas, then it might be worth considering before another campaign. This is only suggested sincerely and gently, intended to help you because you appear to be sincere.

Do with that what you will.

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