You’re Supposed to Suffer
Charlie Ambler

tldr; this article creates an artificial distinction between the need to learn effective coping skills versus the very basic human drive of minimizing suffering. the two are not mutually exclusive, and need to work in tandem for a healthy existence

“It’s a weird specific type of human arrogance to think that people can offset the great universal balance of positive and negative”

oh? it seems like famines and plagues happen much less often than they did in years past

“The more I’ve suffered in my life and also read the accounts of the sufferings of others, the more I’ve noticed a pattern. Those who seem to be supremely virtuous and heroic tend to take their sufferings in stride, as if they had no other choice”

the author’s experience appears to be based on a rather privileged social circle. in my experience, it doesn’t seem possible for people in poverty/terminal illness/other forms of extreme suffering to be able to “take their sufferings in stride”

“We’re supposed to suffer. It is the condition of consciousness, our blessing and curse. Modern living has made us think that suffering a burden to be surpassed, but surpassing suffering merely means dulling our consciousness. Suffering will never go away, not without severe consequence. We either learn to take it in stride or we miss out on an important facet of living.”

aight lets forgo modern medicine, grocery stores, and other aspects of modern living & see how that works out

“Many people have a narcotic attitude towards suffering. It terrifies them and makes them uncomfortable and so instead of building a tool set for overcoming it, they aim to stifle it. The sheer popularity of entertainment, junk food, porn, video games and all these other modern distractions is testament to this…”

it seems as though the author is conflating means of enjoyment/having fun with “stifling suffering” — I play video games to have fun yo

“I like to think that the concept of justice emerged as a reflection of nature rather than any sort of forced humanistic rearranging of the world […] Even the virtuous man suffers at the hand of the spontaneity of nature.”

it doesn’t appear as though this paragraph actually says anything meaningful…?

“I want to suffer and learn from it and then suffer some more and learn from that. Call me a masochist, but I really love learning.”

again, this appears to come from a place of extreme privilege. throughout the course of recorded history, much effort (e.g. governments, aid organizations, and good samaritans) has gone into minimizing human suffering. I would strongly argue that the course of human history, with notable exceptions, has had the minimization of human suffering as a key causal factor

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