Thought Entering Pilot

By the time you awaken on Wednesday, 8/15/2017 the site will be live for a 6–8 week pilot period. We invite interested people to participate in the pilot with a penchant for data-driven insights, a little muckraking and an unquenchable thirst for clarity and truth. Our community of crowdsourced research in the public interest invites you to engage with progressive thinkers interested in advancing the lot of society.

We are covering three main areas -

Some example projects:

Technology — A.I., IoT, Future of Work, Life in Space, Future of Stock Markets

Social — This can be anything from social media to civil rights or online profile hacking to Opiate Addiction

Health — Crispr, Smoking, Health Insurance

Home Page of

goes live for a 6–8 week pilot starting 8/15/2017.

We are a community with some blogs. The community paradigm is ‘Projects = Forums’. We create a forum or ‘board’ for each individual project.

There are three types of project:

  1. Flash — Days to a week
  2. Standard — Weeks to months
  3. Moonshots — Well, pretty long
Technology Projects Landing Page

We will be sharing methodology, datasets, tool how-to’s and analytics process. We will rely on the wisdom of our crowd to continuously improve results and to produce usable intel and insights.

Agile methods will be leveraged as well since a lot of us have seen firsthand how this does really work. Ideation, data manipulation and cleansing can use agile as well as rigorous testing of models.

Once we make conclusions and have had community advice and feedback we will publish to multiple online channels. Those with the power to influence will be our intellectual targets.

Please do visit and if you want to participate at this early stage in our pilot, send me an email and I will get you registered.

See you there.