W1D4 Flex box!

I woke up at 4am this morning. How ridiculous. Who wakes up at 4am???? I slept for only 4 hours. sigh. So your probably wondering… why did I wake up so early????? Starting from yesterday, I felt my right leg quiver around my calf. Meaning… it wants to tighten up and give me a terrible cry out loud, the most painful charlie’s horse, you rather just kill yourself than deal with this pain(so not over exaggerating). This could be a number of reasons why this has started… Maybe my legs are used to walking around 60 hours a week and sitting all day. It’s in a state of shock. I also been in a lot more stop and go traffic…. I think the stress of driving, has made my leg go in shock mode? Let’s get to what really happened at 4am this morning. I stretched out my leg and I feel the lactic acid(?) moving and twitching around… I know that if i ever so move an inch, it will cramp out. I got really really scared. I tried to relax my muscle as much as I can being very calm. This lasted for 10 mins while screaming Jesus in my head. Afterwards, I was too scared that it might happen again. I rolled around in bed til 5:20am and got up.

Today’s lecture was on flex box. Boy… did I wish I knew how to use this little gem on Wednesday homework. The idea of flex box is great. Using it on today’s assignment on a 5 picture layout in a box was not so easy….

Today’s highlights:

  • flexbox and understanding the parent and child
  • got a lesson on the differences of .gif, .jpg, .png, and .svg files
  • sketch looks awesome. Make a note… to get in the future?