W3D2 Getting loopy with loops

Today was very encouraging. A lady(I didn’t catch her name) practically came on campus in high spirits because she just got offered a tech job. She was in the summer 2016 front-end cohert and she was so happy. This bootcamp is 12weeks long. At week 9(right before you work on your final project) she cried all week because she didn’t get it. Struggled through her final project and now here she is… stepping into her new career. This gives me hope. I might not understand, I might not comprehend, but don’t give up.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Hoisting
  • Function functionName (arguments, as many as you need. { function body. (reusable code that can repeat over and over) }
  • if/else if/else
  • for loops (var i=0; i<10; i++){}
  • increment up a value by i++
  • decrement down by i- -
  • careful of infinite loops!

Today’s assignment was to make a calculator. I didn’t get to do make the actual calculator, because my html screen wouldn’t load up and I gave up tonight. I probably will come back and finish this project. We got the easy explorer mode to just make the functions. Last cohert had to make the real calculator to work in html and to style it.