The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

Well, this post is awful. It of course starts out with calling people stupid and that the Pepsi commercial was some big social injustice. She also complains how race was was not an issue in the differences of the commercial. She brings up the “97% of climate scientists” statistic which everyone knows is not factual and goes on to say she doesn’t even care about climate because she needs to worry about her own life, not societies in general. Pretty odd opinion for somebody who fits the SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR profile almost to a T.

I appreciate her calling me stupid.

The whole purpose of this commercial is probably the most important message that EVERYBODY needs to learn. Through honest conversation we can get past so many of our preconceived “bigotries” and misconceptions about people. The entire SJW ideology is based on NOT HAVING CONVERSATION!! They would rather riot, fight, silence or slander people than sit down and have a beer.