I have tremendous respect for Google when it comes to software engineering. In the last 15 years, Google has taught the world how to build distributed systems at scale, how to use commodity hardware and open source software like Linux for mission critical applications, how to write search algorithms that are uncannily smart, and the list goes on and on. A lot of these innovations have been replicated at other web companies. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others use infrastructure software modeled after approaches created by Google.

And now these innovations are making their way into the enterprise. At my first…

Everyone is talking about the mass shooting epidemic facing America. 35 victims in San Bernardino, California. 12 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 19 in Roseburg, Oregon. And that’s just in the last six months. The rising number of fatalities is undeniable and terrifying for most of us. Mass shootings are happening so frequently that it’s become hard to keep up with all the stories. It’s tragic and the collective angst of our nation has us all calling for change. Everyone wants to save lives — the big question is how we should go about doing it.

Gun control is a highly…

by Jonathan Moreira

I love that consumer technology is evolving everyday. Every time you log into your favorite apps, they’re getting better. It’s awesome. But the enterprise space tells a different story. Most of the tasks business leaders need to perform on a daily basis — analyzing billions of rows of data, creating revenue reports for managers, performing complex queries to gain business insights- are technically difficult. Yet the tools at our disposal for these tasks are outdated and clunky. You can’t Google this month’s business summary on your iPhone five minutes before your meeting.

Why is that? We should expect more from…

by Abhishek Rai

Here at ThoughtSpot, we don’t believe business leaders should have to wait for days or weeks to get a report built by IT or data analysts. The beauty of search-based analytics done at scale is that it can dramatically reduce the time to get insights from data down from months to seconds — for anyone.

Search done well always looks so simple. However, building the technology to scale search-based analytics across billions of rows of data is anything but.

Search done well always looks so simple. However, there’s a lot of magic happening under the hood of ThoughtSpot.

There’s a lot of magic happening under the hood of ThoughtSpot. Our analytical search engine architecture is composed…

Alicia Avrach / November 05, 2014

Why test the ThoughtSpot user experience on children? Because we could. We had a spare pair of 9-year-old twin boys whose parents both work here. (So no children were harmed, no labor laws broken.)

You probably test your user experience in various ways: A/B testing, wire-framing, recorded stream of consciousness walkthroughs. Have you tried testing it on kids?

“But our software isn’t meant for kids,” you say.

Stick with me for a minute. I took a class at Stanford’s d.school last Spring. One design thinking method we learned was to try testing outside the…

As we ease into 2015, big changes are afoot in business intelligence. To excel, vendors will need to redirect efforts where results matter the most: the end user.

Currently, the BI landscape faces two huge obstacles: cost and complexity. Making up a $69B market, BI projects are mammoth-sized undertakings, requiring huge price tags, armies of implementation consultants, and specialized, full-time staff for ongoing support. It’s not uncommon for these projects to drag on for six months before a single report is generated.

Think about Facebook and Google. If you had to take a training course or rely on outside support…


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