1. Send us sketches or photos of your invention design:- If you’re getting to file a patent application you want to have drawings to incorporate within the application, however patent drawings don’t seem to be the only type of “drawings” that an inventor should be considering.

2. Discuss with a patent attorney or agent: — The point here is you should be careful that patent experts are much of the time on monitor when managing independent inventors. As with essentially everything in all kinds of different backgrounds, the more you know in advance the better prepared you can be.

3. We’ll draw your invention as design patent acceptable drawings: — The patent applicant is required to furnish at least one patent drawing of the invention whenever the invention is capable of illustration by way of a drawing. The only time patent drawings are not required is when the invention relates to a chemical compound or composition.

4. Design patent application is filed with the US Patent Office: — A design patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides protection for the unique design of your original product. Design patents generally are inexpensive and have a simpler application process than utility patents, which protect the invention itself and the things it does. If you want to apply for a design patent, work out your patent application and file it with the USPTO alongside payment of the required expenses.

5. If approved by the US Patent Office, receive 15 years of design patent rights: — A patent gives its owner the privilege to avoid others from making, utilizing, offering, and bringing in a development for a limited time frame, usually twenty years. The patent rights are allowed in return for an enabling public disclosure of the invention. People who are employed to do research are often obligated by their employment contracts to assign innovations to their employer.