Provisional Patent or Non-Provisional Patent?

Provisional patent application for 12 months or non-provisional patent application for 20 years? It depends on your objectives

With a provisional patent, you have the option to turn the provisional patent into a non-provisional patent within 12 months. The question is: Should you file a provisional patent first and then file the non-provisional patent later? Or, skip the provisional patent and go straight to the non-provisional patent?

First, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. For brevity, I sometimes refer to the provisional patent application as simply ‘provisional patent’ although technically it is not a patent yet. Second, when I mention non-provisional patent in this post, I am referring to the non-provisional utility patent. A design patent is technically also a non-provisional patent. However, for this post, we are comparing provisional utility patent vs non-provisional utility patent. If unclear, read more about the differences between utility patent vs design patent. Read More….

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