I fell in love with my dentist.

(that’s sure not my dentist, it’s a photo I found it online)

I don’t hate anything in my life more than going to the dentist, the room, the chair, nurses and his tools. It just makes me angry.

When I went for the first time I saw him, the first thing came to my mind “oh my god he is so handsome.” whenever he looks to me I get very shy and start looking away. I kept imaging him everyday. His laugh, his eyes they were so beautiful. I just fall in love.

I remember how he was so nice to me, but then I got frustrated when I thought that I’m just a patient. He looks in my eyes when he talk and being friendly to make me feel safe,I was shaking sometimes because I’m afraid of needles, who doesn’t?!!

I think he thought I was a little girl, he thought I was in high school but actually I will graduate from college two years from now.

I started searching on google how to know your dentist is in love with you.

I told my friends, “I love him, his laugh is enough to make me fall apart.”

I started going more and more, until I had a dream that he pulled out my teeth, next day I told him about it, he examined me then said “congrats, we have to remove your wisdom tooth.” congrats ?! Really?!

I haven’t seen him for months, but we still talk.