thoughts of a newbie blogger.

Succeeding in blogging is not an easy thing. Success was never an easy thing in any place. But what makes blogging more difficult. Comparing yourself to other bloggers. And suddenly you find yourself searching for answers rather than writing to help your audience.

I haven’t told many people about my blog. I didn’t want them to flatter me. I also didn’t want others to judge what I am writing and saying about myself. Because spending hours in my blog made me feel it’s my space and the people who enter are going to read something about me. If you are writing to give them advice or something like that and you are telling them your story and how you suffered the same as they did. Then they are more than viewers.

Sometimes I write here when I feel I’m going to quit. I write it for myself to feel better. So, I have nothing here to help you. Maybe the only advice I can give you is to find that thing that makes you feel better.

I know writing this makes me so selfish. But if you are out there starting a blog or a business. I hope you succeed. And don’t fill your head with questions and doubts like me.