Why I started unfollowing people and topics on medium.

There are many topics I’m interested in. Creative writing, Feminism, content marketing and many other. I followed them all here on medium. My ultimate purpose for being on medium is writing. I wanted to start my blog. Read more articles to improve myself. I was so happy with all this amount of articles. About how to make people read your blog and how to be a good writer.

Then I decided to read more and more about the things I like.

Later when I came here to read. I found so many articles, but not about writing or blogging. But about things I’m not really going to spend time reading them.

I wasted more time searching for topics and people I would really love to read their writings. All that made me feel bored. I was spending time on searching more I spent on reading. So I to unfollow every topic or person that wastes my time.