[C] for Carine Roitfeld


Carine is a name you need to know in fashion. She has been a vital part of Paris fashion scene. She was a part of Vogue Paris for 10 years. Currently, she is a global director of Harper’s Bazaar. Her fashion sense and brand value that she brings with her name makes her a global fashion authority.

Looking back at 2016

When we look back at this year couple of things that jump out is CR fashion book. She has been an editor of CR Fashion book. This year she launched the 9th issue of that book. The book with Rihanna on the cover has made this fashion book a must have piece. Her collaboration with Uniqlo this year sold off the shelves making it a second time success. She has been able to diversify her brand and been able to contribute to the industry from both the journalistic side as well as a designer and a muse.