A quick guide about our name.


How we wish it was


Sometimes it’s threadpen or ghadi pasal or jutta pasal that is asked of.

You know that dissatisfaction right? You say your name is Kiran. The person says, Karan? You say.. No, Kiran. Like: Key + Run. They say Kee ran? You say, yeah. something like like.

So if you also always wonder how weird of a name we have, let me break this down for you.

  1. Thread (धागो)

2. Paints (कलर)

Thus the logo:

Painting threads (clothes and colors)

Now that that’s done,

हेलो, मेरो नाम थ्रेदपेन्ट्स हो । तपाईको नाम के हो ? ः)