Top 5 things under 500 | The Fashion Madness

Five Plates of momo:s and a coke at your local eatery. 
One plate of anything you order at a fancy restaurant.

And some more things you can get for 500 rupees or less at The Fashion Madness (SALE):

  1. Some super cute ladies tops
Starting NRs. 350/-

2. GoldStar Shoes (GoldStar Men and GoldStar Women)

What do you do when you get additional 10% discount on already best prices?

3. Shorts

Shorts starting NRs. 337/-

4. Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts that were NRs. 999/- at NRs. 499/-

5. T-Shirts from ArtLab

TShirts Starting NRs. 400/-