Why Germans love this podcast app

When you think of Germany, the first things that come to mind are probably beer and cars. And if you’ve been to Munich, you know the Wiesn.

But I digress…back to the subject: Currently, I have 8 podcast apps installed on my iPhone. All have their pros and cons. I visited Munich a couple of months ago and saw Procast on a tech conference. It has one feature that stuck in my mind: When your podcasts are updated and new episodes come flooding in, you can just “swipe” them, with a Tinder-like interface.

My first thought was that this is a silly idea, most likely to trying to hop on a bandwagon. But when a german friend recently told me that Procast has become a very popular podcast app in Germany, I gave it another shot.

After using it for more than a month now, I have to admit that it has become my #1. I usually get around 10–15 new episodes each day, and reading the episode description upfront and swiping through the episodes feels like a breeze — it’s basically inbox-zero for podcasts.

Here’s the video from the tech conference I dug up. It gives you a good idea what it’s all about. And of course, there’s already a beer podcast, just in case you want to brush up on your German.

Procast is currently for iOS only and free to download.

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