10 Dressing Tips from the Style Squad

There are certain women who look effortlessly stylish wherever she goes. They’re the ones who always manage to make their outfits work for them; they know just the trick to layering, and they know how to pull off the latest fashion trends. Their styling prowess may seem formidable to the uninitiated, but we’ve observed a few habits that chic women seem to have and now present to you a list of the tips and tricks you need to up your game.

Here are some styling secrets that the real fashionable girls live by:

1. First, master the basics

The style cats aren’t above wearing basics. In fact, they know just how to rock them. They can work magic with a t-shirt, skinny jeans or black pants, and a classic pair of pumps, and count them as must-haves in their wardrobe.

2. Do the half-tuck

The half-tuck has, for its chic insouciance, been embraced by street style bloggers. Getting the tuck just right is an art. A just tuck the front in and let the tail hang out for the right effect.

3. Roll up your sleeves

A button-down shirt doesn’t have to feel staid and severe. Simply rolling up the sleeves to your elbow can give your look a more lived-in, casual quality that, again, plays up the effortlessly styled feeling. Who knew that the oldest, easiest trick in the book would make such a big difference to your outfit?

4. Switch up your look with layers

You may think it’s hard to do layering in sunny old Singapore, but there are a multitude of ways you can transform your look. A sheath dress, for instance, can also be a jumper. You can be like one of the style squad by transforming staples such as an LBD into a chic day dress just by slipping on a collared shirt or feminine blouse underneath. Start experimenting with layers and switch up your look with the various combinations!

5. Mix up your prints

Who made it a rule that you can’t wear stripes with polka dots anyway? Style girls never play by such arbitrary rules; they can mix prints — be it subdued or loud — with ease. If you are just getting started on the print game, go for those that share a similar colour scheme, then gradually work your way towards bolder and brighter combinations.

6. Knot it

T-shirts are meant to be knotted, twisted, and rolled. And the style squad is adept at working them in all the right ways. Knotting a t-shirt at the waist is an easy trick that not only helps to define your figure, but also lets you turn a dress into a skirt. Simply throw a t-shirt or button-down over your dress and then knot it at the waist — voila! You’ve got matching separates in an instant.

7. Belt up

For extra definition at the waist or a standout accessory, a belt is an asset. A skinny one can lend polish to an outfit, while a wide one can cinch in your waist and give you some feminine curves.

8. Dress up your boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are cool and all, in their slouchy, ripped glory. But they’re even cooler when juxtaposed with sleek, dressed-up items such as heels and a statement necklace. This is the cool girl’s take on sexy sophistication, and it works like magic every time.

9. Master the casual drape

A jacket or blazer becomes ten times more chic when it is nonchalantly draped over the shoulders instead of worn. It’s all about the flair, not so much the function.

10. Embrace new trends

But don’t go nuts with all of them at once. You won’t see a member of the style squad going all out with this season’s trends. Instead, they would take on the must-have pieces of the season, such as statement tees or midi skirts, and then pair them up with perennial favourites such as ankle boots and a chic clutch to give their look their personal spin.

… But still have a trademark look

Style cats are bold and open-minded when it comes to trends, for sure, but they also know what their personal style is. Whether it’s bohemian-luxe or minimalist Parisian-chic, find your signature. Because it’s not just about knowing every trend each season, but also knowing what works for you.

What are some dressing tips you have up your sleeves? Share them in the Comments section below!

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