Singing the Blues — How to Look Good in Every Shade of Blue

With navy-blue being one of the most popular basic colours, we thought it’s time to break out of that comfort zone and experiment with other shades of blue. Because why stick to neutrals when you’ve got a whole spectrum of colours to explore?

With blue, you can turn heads in cobalt or electric-blue, play up the girliness with baby-blue, or add some rugged insouciance with chambray, so experiment with shades other than navy, and you’ll find a whole new world opening itself up to you!

1. Chambray

Easily the most versatile and wearable shade, denim blue works for practically all occasions. Even for work, you can pair a chambray shirt with an office-appropriate A-line or pencil skirt and pumps. Structure is the key, because when juxtaposed with casually-chic denim blue it can elevate your look in a snap!

2. Sapphire

Jewel tones can seem over-the-top and difficult to pull off, but ground them with a solid neutral and you would have toned down the craziness. Colours like black, burgundy, and grey would let lush, vivid tones like sapphire-blue and turquoise pop while tempering your look, so accessorise with a coat or clutch in these colours.

3. Powder-Blue

A sweet (but not too cloying) shade like powder-blue helps to soften an edgy leather jacket. This pastel hue works both ways: you can either spice it up with eye-catching prints to make a grand statement, or dial up a plain dress by giving it a pop of colour.

4. Twilight-Blue

This is as dreamy as blue can get. A twilight hue that is close to lavender adds a ladylike charm to your outfit, and even more so if you complement it with something unabashedly girly like tulle or sheer. But if sweet is not your thing, toughen up your blue with a leather skirt or accessories. If all else fails, you know a simple LBD won’t.

5. Cobalt

Oh, cobalt. The allure of this vibrant tone is undeniable. Not one for wallflowers, cobalt-blue makes a bold statement that requires little else of your outfit. Pair a dress or jacket in this luxurious hue with a metallic-blue clutch or blue-tinted sunglasses to amp up the impact!

6. Electric Blue

What’s even better than an electric-blue skirt? An electric-blue skirt with fringe, naturally. A look this daring only requires even brighter accessories to double the fun, so bring out the kooky round sunglasses and unconventional clutches to rock your look with aplomb!

What are some ways you wear your blues? Share your style tips in the comments section below!

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