The 6 Common Types of Travel Personalities

I don’t think anyone is truly immune to the travel bug. Especially with so many travel deals and promotions going on all year round, it’s become easier and more tempting to just pack our bags, hop on a plan and JUST GO.

Before you set off, however, or plan for your next vacation with your friend(s), it helps to find out what sort of traveller you are. Not only will that save you from a tonne of travel woes if you’re going solo, it would also prevent potential arguments with your travel buddies.

So read on about the six common types of travel personalities:


You travel a lot for leisure, and you go to more places more frequently than most others, as well as take part in more unique activities than anyone else. Venturers, well, venture forth with great enthusiasm, and fit in with a small group. Only 4 percent of travellers share your love of exploring places off the beaten track and seeking extraordinary adventures.


You have several characteristics in common with the Venturer in that you love to travel — particularly to foreign destinations — and you look for new destinations and experiences for each trip. Your enthusiasm also translates to being more physically active at home and on your travels. However, unlike your Venturer friends, you are not quite into extreme holidays and are more likely to plan your trips by drawing up an itinerary of places you wish to visit and schedule when you will be there. Also, you tend to have more company as about 17 percent of the population has this type of travel personality that matches yours.


You belong to one of the two largest personality types, as three out of ten people share your personality traits. You are a the middle ground between the Venturer and the Traditional: you have a steady and predictable approach to your daily life, and your daily life travel interests and are more diverse and varied than that of the Traditional traveller. You may fly or drive for leisure trips, but would generally prefer to travel by car if you can.

A cross between Venturers and Traditionals, though you lean more towards the Venturer side, you typically have lots of company when you travel. Three out of ten travellers belong to this group, making you one of the most common traveller types. Hence, most travel providers — airlines, resorts, rental car companies, tour operators, cruise lines, etc — place you at the top of their list of persons they want to reach and motivate to travel.


The Sightseer is calm, laidback, easygoing, and unruffled in dicey situations, casual and carefree. It takes a lot to get a rise out of you. You’ve been labelled by many as mellow, and are usually the peacekeeper among your friends thanks to your genial, cheerful, affable, pleasant and agreeable disposition. You make a great travel companion, and you’re in good company as well! About 17 percent of the population — approximately one out of six — belongs to this group.

Traditional travellers have a personality that is entirely opposite of Venturers. They prefer a more structured, predictable life and leave little room for spontaneity. They would rather follow some form of set patterns or routine so that they are able to know what will happen and thus prepare or plan for it as much as they can.

Which travel personality type are you? What’s your preferred way of travelling? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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