Tips to Keep Your Blog From Running Out of Gas

Starting a blog is easy. Not only that it’s one of the most important foundational marketing assets you can create for any business. Ecommerce businesses in particular can benefit tremendously from the SEO and knowledge sharing benefits from blogging.

However, as any experienced blogger will tell you, the hardest thing about a blog is keeping it going. Blogging, like many things in life, is exciting at the beginning, but months, or years into the endeavor it can be a challenge to come up with content on a weekly basis.

Blogging, and writing in general is something that I’ve been trying to dedicate time to off and on for years. No doubt coming up with new ideas is a challenge, but thanks to a combination of writing being enjoyable for me, along with lessons learned along the way keeping a fairly steady stream of content going is doable.

Here are 3 strategies I’ve used to keep our content pipeline constantly full:

1) Skyscraper technique — this is the most “paint by numbers” approach we’ve used for high quality content creation. You can read a step by step walkthrough of how to use this technique to create you own highly shareable content here.

2) Repurposing content — Whenever appropriate we will re-use and recycle content pieces that we’ve created. We’ve used statistics and data from certain posts as a basis for infographics, and have taken some of our long form content and use them as the basis for everything from ebooks to whitepapers to follow-up article inspiration. When it comes to writing content one of the best pieces of advice is to reuse and recycle. If a topic you’re writing about resonates or a particular posts goes viral. Make the most of it by transforming it into something else, or writing additional content about the same topic.

3) External help — We have seen success with invited guest bloggers, as well as leveraging external experts as “interview subjects”, we also curate other blog content whenever appropriate for our audience. Much like other aspects of your business, don’t be afraid to call in help when it comes to your content and blogging. Help doesn’t have to cost money either, many other writers and experts are more than happy to act as interview subjects or provide sound bytes of expertise, in exchange for you helping them build their reach and reputation.

The payoff of a blog is multi-faceted. For every company I’ve been a part of a blog is a foundational part of an SEO strategy — rich, shareable content is arguable the best path to great SERP rankings. This can be done for tactical and strategic long tail keywords.

A blog filled with unique content, over time, can also become a great source for lead generation. This includes attracting potential new customers, as well as for attracting the occasional inbound press lead as well.

So take this advice and go forth to inject some fuel into your own blogging efforts!

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