Eco-Minded Celebs #ChooseUsed Clothes for the Planet

Elizabeth Banks is the latest stylish celebrity to embrace the trend and take secondhand mainstream.

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Apr 29 · 4 min read

On April 26, 2019 Elizabeth Banks wore a used dress from fashion resale site, thredUP to speak at BoF West in Los Angeles. She paired it with a ‘used’ pin from thredUP to show the world she’s proud to wear secondhand for the planet.

“#ChooseUsed clothes for a happier planet. I’m proud to wear this sustainable secondhand look from fashion resale site @thredUP. Fashion is the second most polluting industry next to oil, and one of the best things we can do is re-use the clothes we have.” — Elizabeth Banks


Recently, thredUP launched a used clothing collection with actress and activist Olivia Wilde and her company, Conscious Commerce, to combat textile waste. [visit to shop]

  • Their designs were sported by supportive, eco-activist celebs including Jonathan Van Ness, Nikki Reed, Lena Dunham and Sophia Bush. (Anne Hathaway and Suki Waterhouse are also fans of the line!)
  • These celebs love that choosing used is the smarter way to shop — for both your wallet and the planet.
  • You can get your ‘Used’ pin free with any purchase on through the end of the month!
View Instagram post here

Visit or click here to learn more about how choosing used can help lighten your fashion footprint by combatting textile waste.


The rise of modern secondhand shopping experiences like have led to a resale revolution. Gone are the days of musty rack-digging, as now consumers can access thousands of brands at incredible prices online. As younger generations demand sustainability and great value, secondhand is quickly becoming a first-hand choice.

Secondhand is now a $24B industry, projected to double in 5 years. 20% of all consumers bought used apparel last year across every income and age, with Millennials and Gen Z leading the charge (⅓ of Gen Zs will buy used apparel in 2019!). Learn more about the size and growth of the secondhand apparel market here →


  • 26 billion pounds of textiles sent to landfill each year (source).
  • One garbage truck — or 1,680 clothing items — are burned or landfilled every second (source).
  • There are already enough textiles in existence to clothe everyone in the world (source)
  • To date, thredUP has upcycled 65M items.

About thredUP

Forget everything you know about used clothing and join millions of consumers in a resale revolution. thredUP is the world’s largest fashion resale marketplace, designed to save the planet and your wallet from waste. The company makes selling your clothes a cinch, and resells 35,000 brands — from GAP to Gucci — at up to 90% off retail prices. Backed by world-class investors, thredUP is reinventing resale with cutting edge technology and logistics- — shattering stigmas and converting skeptics. The magic happens behind-the-scenes in thredUP’s automated ‘Upcycle Centers,’ which have redistributed 65M unique garments from closets across America. With further expansions to physical stores, “try-before-you-buy” Goody Boxes, and RAAS (Resale-As-A-Service), thredUP is inspiring a new generation to think secondhand first and pacing the way for a more sustainable fashion future.

    thredUP News

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    Happenings from the world’s largest online thrift store

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