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Book release. Step by Step guide with photos and no BS

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There are millions upon millions of How to Write books out there. So, why bother writing another one? Simple really: David Farland. His book “Million Dollar Outlines” promises to show you how to outline. On the back cover of his book, it says he’ll teach you how to analyze an audience and outline a novel. On the inside of the book, it says he’ll teach you how to outline. At the end of the book, he says, he will not show you how to outline but he’ll go through the process.

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To me, that’s a lie. His steps one through whatever is the standard dross I’ve noticed in a lot of books. I have read many books on outlining, plotting, etc.; most are wordy and the advice is hidden (if given).

Why read this?

Because I promise to actually, really, really, really, SHOW YOU the process I use. I will also try my best to answer your questions.

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As a practicing writer, I am always looking for tips to improve. I’m a discovery writer (AKA pantser) and I would like to blend the process.

This book contains only meat and bones. No fluff, no filler, no BS.

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Topics covered:

Recommended writing movies

Recommended writing books


The initial Idea




Writing the book




About the author section

The Comfort Zone

When the words won’t come

Breaking self-doubt

All of this info is packed into only 162 pages.

No chapters, but section breaks.

The book is from start to finish. Follow along.

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