Irvine Thalberg, head of MGM, once said: “Writers are the most important part of the making of a motion picture”. He then added, “And we must do everything in our power to prevent them from finding out”.

As with writing a novel/short/play or screenplay (script) a writer needs to have…

I’ve been going over my book a lot. It is after all my first Crime Thriller. I wrote a new beginning, showing our hero doing normal world stuff, added a few paragraphs here and there to refresh memories of absent characters that will reappear. It’s been edited, reedited and pro(?)-edited…

Diet Myth or Truth:

Fasting Is Effective for Weight Loss

WebMD has just lost my respect. In the linked article below they spout the same bullshit as everybody else. Here are a few highlights with my comments (in italics) from real life experience.

Fasting regimens vary, but the basic premise…

I was on the receiving end of many of these hits. Even got dumped on my head twice. Once my neck swelled and turned purple. That was worrisome. Back on the field two weeks later.

That was also my last season. It was starting to get out of hand.
Several fist fights every match. Players knocked unconscious. Blood. Flying teeth. Dislocated shoulders. Twisted knees. Cuts from rucks. Squashed nuts from an overzealous teammate in the scrum. Blacks eyes and bruised ribs. Yeah baby.

It’s all fun and games until you turn forty, and all those hits, and injuries come back to haunt you.

These are only rugby injuries. I also have Karate injuries. Yay me.

The Medium bio is pretty short, so copied from my website is the following post:

The short and sweet:

Award-winning author, Lee Pletzers is a displaced New Zealand writer of the weird, wonderful and grotesque.

Since 2001, he has impacted the genre world, under the pen name Richard Lee…


Richard Lee ©2017

Santa’s dead. Yep. Sorry kids, but the fucker had it coming. Judgmental prick. Why does he get to decide who has been good or bad? Fat cunt.

How can he define what’s good or bad? There is no clear line I can see. Good…

Lee Pletzers

Award-winning, Osaka based, Kiwi novelist dancing with madness & playing with fire.🗡️

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