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Let’s get one thing straight, we all know Tom Hiddleston is way to humble to purposefully make his speech at the Golden Globes be interrupted wrong. But cut the guy some slack, this is his first Golden Globe and we shouldn’t be so hard on him because almost all of us will never get to be on a Golden Globes stage. We all know that Tom Hiddleston is not quote on quote “smug”, everyone should take pride in those they love and themselves, and being an actor is not that easy, you are being photographed all the time so what better to do then give the paparazzi what they want so they can leave you alone, think about it. If you give the paparazzi what they want they won’t be able to take pictures of anything interesting so they will eventually move on, Tom is a smart guy and knows what he’s doing, but even the best of us get nervous when we do something for the first time.

Not to mention that Barbara your being kind of a jerk, if your someone who’s going to be in the news a lot, then you shouldn’t be calling someone “smug” or “not tough enough” that’s just going way to far and you shouldn’t be bashing someone like that, but let’s be honest here, we’ve all messed up something in our lives, so Barbara why are bashing Tom? That’s what I ask you. And also Sam Schube I think your title is a bit to harsh, “How Tom Hiddleston Lost the James Bond Franchise in Three Easy Steps”, maybe you could rename it something like “Barbara Broccoli’s Three Ways To Not Get Casted As James Bond.”

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