On Individuals and Groups
Max Goldstein

Thanks for the thoughtful article. I had some similar musings as I was looking at tech workforce diversity for a Wired article and for this blog post: http://threestory.com/blog/diversity-in-the-tech-workforce

How do we know what we should be aiming for in terms of gender or ethnicity representation? Deviations from the overall population distribution can be a starting point for looking at discrimination or pinch points in the pipeline, but they can’t determine the right path for an individual. Maybe it comes down to understanding how individuals make career decisions (in tech or in terrorism) so that barriers can be removed (or put into place).

This seems like it leads pretty quickly to a question of values. Do we value diversity for its own sake? Opportunity and individual determination? Maximum productivity and profits? Security? Religious freedoms?

Lots to think about. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

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