Mapping Controversies: Wildlife conservation

Michael M.
Feb 16 · 11 min read

Introduction to controversy

Protocol for finding our Wikipedia pages

Network of Wildlife Conservation with keyword overlay

Network of the category Wildlife Conservation with internal wiki-links. The green circles represent to which degree the word “controver*” occured in the text.

A network of co-occurring noun phrases.

Network of the top 300 terms co-occuring between wikipedia pages. The raw data used to make the network is from an extraction of all the text within the pages of the Wildlife conservation category.

Revision timeline of the Wikipedia page: World Wide Fund for Nature.

Screenshot of a portion of the table containing all revisions made to the page. This shows an example of what some of the edits have concerned. In the third column it is possible to determine whether the edit was made from an anonymous user (IP-address) or a registered user (username).

Data protocol for havesting Infomedia

Screenshot of our Infomedia search settings. This combination shows 4110 unique articles.

Timeline over wolves-related news articles

Timeline of wolves-related news articles.

Bar chart of a specific search combination

Bar chart with rewild* as the main search term, and each entry as a second search term. This helps to give an overview of some of the actors in the rewilding debate and how much they show up in the public media.

Network of all the search terms

Network of all the different search terms used in Infomedia. The thicker the edges, the more hits the search combination (the two nodes) lead to.
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