Finding your way

Here I am.

Here you are.

Let’s go there.

I think I know the way.

I know you do.

Actually, wait up.

Oh, shit.

Well, I’ll work it out, I hope.

Let’s see.

Wow, you’re already way ahead.


I think I’ll go this way.

Is that..?

Nope, wrong way.

Right, let’s start again.

You’re there already?


You know this place anyway.

Don’t worry, I’ll get there.

Just be patient with me.

So it’s not that way.

Let’s try this way.

That makes more sense, I think.

This kind of seems familiar.

Is it that way?

I’ll try.

Not so sure, but keep going.

Yeah, I recognise this.

I’m tired.

How far am I?

Surely I’ve got this.

Fuck it, just go this way.

Why’s it so difficult?

Oh, hang on.

I can see you!

Here I am.