If you’ve impacted me in a positive way, there’s a good chance I’ve sent you a thank you note. Given how sensitive and deeply moved by things like social generosity I am, my love for the out-of-the-blue thank you is unsurprising. Why wouldn’t I want to acknowledge that thing you did that made me feel validated or seen? I like to think that the recipients of said notes end up feeling the same way about themselves, and according to a study recently published in the journal Psychological Science, they typically do. …

By Josephine Chu

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As the world continues to mourn the loss of Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, his family released a heartbreaking statement that seems to reveal the reason behind his sudden death.

Alluding to an apparent suicide, Bergling’s family explained that he was a “sensitive guy” who adored his fans but struggled with finding meaning and happiness in his life in the spotlight. They called him an “over-achieving perfectionist” whose life as a touring musician caused him “extreme stress.”

“He could not go on any longer,” the statement read. “He wanted to find peace.”

Multiple sources close to…

By Josephine Chu

Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

The idea that artificial intelligence will influence the future of our romantic lives has been explored many times on the silver screen.

But what distinguishes Zoe, the centerpiece screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, is its focus on advanced technologies as a potential solution to our global epidemic of loneliness. Director Drake Doremus makes the case that AI can provide some relief from social isolation in our not-so-distant future.

For example, the film opens on a research lab that aims to improve lives by improving relationships. Not only does the company generate reports that tell couples…

By Sophia Banay Moura

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In the crush of news reports ahead of President Trump’s first state dinner on Tuesday night, one detail loomed large. According to the New York Times, during the frenzied finishing touches to the guest list and finalizing of the menu, First Lady Melania Trump gave her staff the advice: “Do not worry.”

Do not worry!? the Times practically scoffed. It’s the president’s first state dinner! The Iranian nuclear deal and sensitive trade negotiations are hanging in the balance here, the article seemed to scream. Why isn’t Melania tearing her hair out, berating her staff, and generally…

By Josephine Chu

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“You have cancer.”

Hearing those three words shatters your personal narrative, says Judith Kelman, founder and director of Visible Ink. “Plans are put on hold. People’s identities become cancer patients.”

Having lived through the experience with a number of friends and family members, Kelman understands the need to remind patients that being diagnosed with a serious illness “doesn’t mean that the illness defines you.”

To help cancer patients reclaim control over their story, she created Visible Ink, a writing program at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where mentors, including world-class journalists and best-selling authors, offer one-on-one…

By Josephine Chu

Courtesy of DAVID MCNEW / Getty Stringer

In an effort to cut back on spending for the production of Tesla’s new Model 3 sedan, CEO Elon Musk revisited his favorite ancient Greek philosophy: first principles.

The term was coined by Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago. The idea is that we gain valuable insights by breaking a subject down into its core parts rather than approaching it based on common knowledge, according to CNBC.

It’s an idea Musk has been championing for years. “The normal way we conduct our lives is we reason by analogy,” Musk said in a 2012 interview with Kevin Rose…

By Laina Richards

If you follow Joanna Coles, Hearst Magazines’ chief content officer, on Instagram (and if not, you probably should) you might have noticed the blazer. The bold, patterned, very recognizable, green blazer.

Coles has posted images of herself wearing it again and again — at SXSW, hosting theHearst 100 luncheon, and more. Last month, she shared a throwback shot of her green-blazered self at The Girlboss Rally. “The most over-worn blazer in history but celebrating my similarity to a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day,” read her humorous and very on-point caption.

That’s right. Coles, the former editor-in-chief…

By Josephine Chu

Courtesy of Stephen Brashear / Getty Stringer

As Starbucks responds to the arrest of two African American men in one of its Philadelphia locations, the company has taken public steps to preserve its reputation — and start a constructive conversation about race in America. CEO Kevin Johnson announced that 8,000 stores will close for anti-bias training, the company publicly apologized on Twitter and the white store employee who called the police has left the company.

On “CBS This Morning,” Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz told Gayle Kingthat the employee “demonstrated her own level of unconscious bias” when she called 911 on the two…

By Josephine Chu

Courtesy of Chris Saucedo / Getty Images

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a reputation for being obsessive. He’s a workaholic who doesn’t take vacations, and his undying commitment to his career has driven him to a life filled with “great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress,” he tweeted in July 2017.

Recently, the self-made entrepreneur has been so stressed about the production of the Model 3 sedan that he’s essentially been living at the Tesla factory.

And last week, he showed “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King the sad excuse for a couch he’s been crashing on. “Last time I was here, I actually…

By Josephine Chu

Courtesy of Paul Marotta / Getty Images

They come from very different backgrounds and have taken different paths in life, but Joe Biden, Sheryl Sandberg and Prince Harry have one big thing in common: they’ve each dealt with profound tragedy in their lives.

The public nature of their grief has given them a unique opportunity to help others through similar situations. “When I talk to people in mourning, they know I speak from experience,” Biden wrote in his book Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose. “They know I have a sense of the depth of their pain.”

Death is an…

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