A better option for fit-preneurs

Why sweat start-up founders are changing the way they work

Globally, the fitness industry is worth over $80 billion and counting. With so much wealth to spread, fitness professionals are jumping the boat and transitioning from personal trainer to fitness entrepreneur. Now more than ever are personal trainers starting their own gyms, personal training businesses and fitness boot camps. We like to call these, sweat start-ups.

But just as any other new business owner goes looking for affordable office space, fitness entrepreneurs are searching for affordable gym space to train their clients and grow their businesses. The only problem: options such as renting space from active gyms, renting an individual space or subleasing is limiting and expensive. Its just not a viable option for these sweat-startup founders.

Now that the number of fit-preneurs are growing by the dozens and their needs becoming more and more urgent, new paths have been paved and these founders can now look to a new co-working space designed specifically for them.

The whole idea behind coworking is to bring together business owners and startups from different backgrounds and companies allowing them to share a workspace in which they can work alone or collaboratively. The popularity of coworking spaces have grown tremendously not only because of their culture but because they are a more affordable option for the start up founder.

Don't dismiss the hype, coworking spaces have been the birth place of many successful business in industries of all types and are said to be the way all business will work in the new future.

The perks of a coworking space are almost endless. To name a few, coworking spaces lets you work in a positive and energetic environment which fosters a supportive, motivational and innovative workspace. You can connect with other business owners who have different skills, ideas and experiences than you. You can build your social network and create new relationships with like minded and goal oriented go getters like yourself. And on top of all of that the rates are more affordable. And we all like more affordable.

if you’re a sweat start-up founder and you need more convincing, you're not ready for this new way of entrepreneurial life. But if you are, we’ve got something exciting for you to take advantage of and we’re going to tell you why you’ll love it.

  1. We’ve married the traditional concept of a co-working space with the needs of every fitness entrepreneur building their startup.
  2. We’ve chosen quality fitness equipment that will work for fit-preneurs in any fitness niche.
  3. We don't train out of our space, we work on making the space everything you need it to be so there is no limiting the when you can train.
  4. We don't just offer gym space, we give you office space as well. Have meetings, complete consultations or simply work on your business.
  5. We host events, provide resources, access to mentors and give you options to add new tools to your bag by offering classes that provide CEC’s.

And this is just skimming the surface of what you will know as Thrive House, a coworking space for fitness entrepreneurs. We’re building a tribe of hungry fitness professionals who are changing lives, chasing their dreams and working outside of the big box. Join us if you dare.