Uncover your roots

We all have thoughts, ideas, passions and dreams. We all have them and we all need them. They are what we like to call, our Roots and they’ve been with us since the beginning and are meant to grow into something magnificent.

And you want to know the best part about dreaming is? It’s that we’re dreaming in a time where the impossible is only impossible when you don’t try. Today, Any idea for a business can be created, any product built and almost any technology designed. We are in a time where your dreams can make others dreams come true.

So if transforming our dreams into reality is so magical, why aren’t more of us doing it?

For many of us, fear holds us back. Fear of starting, fear of failure, fear of naysayers. It used to be that you could screw up your life and build it back up without no one ever knowing. Now, with social media, no one is safe from eyes and opinions.

We start worrying about all of the things we need just to get started and then, we get bogged down by irrelevant details and our dreams stay dreams forever. At Thrive House, our entire team is filled with fitness entrepreneurs so we can safely say stop worrying and dive in. Because honestly, there’s a bunch of shit you DON’T have to do start a fitness business and what’s holding you back is probably on that list.

For starters, you don’t have to be afraid and you don’t have to wait around for someone to give you the ok.

If you have a dream that sets your soul on fire, go after it like your life depends on it. Don’t waste time waiting for permission from anyone. Once you become an entrepreneur, your time is your dreams life line. Waste it on waiting for others to give you approval and your dream will die. You’ll want to, but you’ll never start. And if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that you’ll never ever be successful at thinking about starting a fitness business. You can only be successful by doing it.