We are re-finding our Oomph.

When we first began writing blogs for Thrive House we were excited. New business, well new to you and new blog. Everything was so fresh.

Who doesn’t love new things.

But lately, we’ve admittedly looked at it as a chore.

We stopped caring so much about whether or not the posts went up when they were scheduled. We stopped putting that Oomph in our posts that we love to read in other blogs. The same Oomph that got us excited to start blogging in the first place. We even stopped researching as much. We decided to re-read a few posts and we all decided that we’ve got some work to do.

This happens on the entrepreneurial journey. We get so busy and all of the things that seem small get pushed aside. We stop giving 100% to every detail of our business and next thing you know, we start slacking on other things too. We convince ourselves that somethings just aren’t as important as we thought they were. But that isn’t true.

Details, details, details. They matter!

Even if no one ever actually reads the blogs we post but it doesn’t give us an excuse to give any less value to even the small things. For every first time reader who comes across our blog, we want them to be so intrigued that they go all the way back to blog one to indulge.

Now, we’re officially stepping our blog game up. 
Stay tuned.