Thrive 2018 accomplishments and plans for 2019

Dec 23, 2018 · 2 min read

2018 has been a very busy year for the whole Thrive Labs Team. After the good result in the funding phase and, consequently, the distribution of the token, the project immediately passed to the development phase.

We have worked to list THRT on different exchanges, and we are striving to be able to enter into larger and more established exchange platforms that can improve volumes and stability to the token.

We are always careful to THRT and ensure that the exchanges don’t create damage to the token with suspicious fluctuations. For this reason we recently asked for and obtained the Bitforex delisting that often recorded a volatility of the token price (over 60%) not registered on the other exchanges.

Our developers continue to work, and two days ago we have released the first version of Affiliate Portal. Tests performed on the portal so far have provided very positive results, we are in line with the Roadmap and really very confident.

In the meantime, after the closure of the initial phase it was important to continue to spread and make the Thrive Labs project known in the industry. We have been sponsor in two of the biggest blockchain event in Malta: Delta Summit and Malta Blockchain Summit.

Participation in this events gave us the opportunity to meet new people and be able to get in touch with important companies in the industry. Many have recognized the great potential of the project and, with some of them, we do not exclude future collaborations.

We are excited about the work of development that the Maltese government is making in the blockchain world and we are really proud to be considered one of the most promising DLT projects of Blockchain Island. Despite the negative trend of the last few months we continue to place full confidence in blockchain technology and we believe that 2019 will be a very important year indeed.

In 2019 will be developed the new DSP (demand-side platform) aimed to automate and optimize advertising inventory purchases. At the same time, a campaign to acquire publishers will be launched, which will be added to those already acquired up to now.

A process of integration with third-party advertising exchange will also be launched to increase the global advertising inventory available.

Also in 2019 we will be participate at numerous events that will ensure visibility to the brand and new, fundamental contacts. The Mobile World Congress scheduled for February and the Advertising Week Europe will be the next events where you can find us.

We taking the opportunity to say thank you and wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May joy, hope and happiness be yours this Christmas season.

Thrive Labs Team


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