Thrive Tracker v 0.3 -Tech Update-

Feb 19 · 1 min read

Greetings from Thrive Labs team!

Developing of Thrive ecosystem reaches an important milestone with the release of the first version of Thrive Tracker.

Tracking system is the key for running a profitable Advertising Campaign. It’s used for monitoring user’s actions and interactions on sites (i.e. on Ad banner) to provide a measure of advertising effectiveness, improve marketing return on investment (ROI) and for re-marketing purpose.

Thrive Tracker specifically can:

  • Identify unique users and sessions (i.e. where same user may close and restore work session)
  • Recognize users by IP, location, device, browser and Operating System.

How it works

The Thrive Tracker takes connection parameters of users landing on sites where our Java-script code is located. The code is previously added to site with owner permission.

Then Tracker draws up the parameters and sets up a user fingerprint used for provide customized advertising.

Beta Test

We started the Beta Test of Tracker with a publisher network with over 220k websites, owned by our partner Flazio.

Beta Test will last 2–3 weeks to ensure the tracking system works correctly.

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