Businesses With a Social Mission

These days, savvy shoppers are looking for more than just a good deal, they’re looking to align personal values with their shopping habits. A recent study by the Global Strategy Group revealed that 84 percent of Americans believe businesses have a responsibility to bring social change on important issues, and 88 percent believe corporations have the power to influence social change. Consumers are demanding action, and here are five companies answering the call.

How Giving Back Benefits Companies

Social programs not only support the greater good, but help motivate employees, too. Bestselling author Dan Airely has studied customer behavior and notes “If you have a social mission, your employees are more likely to care and be motivated to do well.” Giving back has been baked into Thrive Market’s business model from the beginning, and we love inspiring our team with the work we’re doing to make healthy food more accessible. (Read up on our latest initiatives here.)

What’s a Certified B Corp?

The next level of social impact is B Corporation Status. B Lab is a nonprofit dedicated to using the power of business as a force for good, and it certifies companies who commit to upholding verified values of public transparency, legal accountability, and environmental performance. Think of it like what fair trade certification is to coffee or USDA organic certification for your favorite fruits and veggies — a B Corp designation sends a message that the brand has joined a growing, global movement to help shape the future of business. (You can shop all our certified B Corps brands right this way!)

Brands That Give Back

From bath soap and pet products, to everyone’s favorite mac n’ cheese, these companies are doing their part to give back and support communities, too.


Funded by sales, Alaffia helps tackle big issues like gender equality, poverty, reforestation, and maternal health in Togolese communities. At the core, every project is about one thing: empowerment. Recent projects include:

Maternal Health Project: Since 2006, Alaffia has been partnering with local hospitals and health care providers to fund pre- and post-natal care for women in rural Togo. So far, Alaffia product sales have funded the births of nearly 5,000 babies throughout the Togo Health Clinic system, which has helped reduce maternal death rates.

Reforestation Project: To counter the effects of erosion, climate change and deforestation, Alaffia has funded the planting of nearly 60,000 trees. Alaffia’s Alternative Fuels Project also researches sustainable fuel alternatives, such as bio-gas and bio-oils, to help reduce demand for wood and charcoal.


From building school gardens to supporting the next generation of food leaders, Annie’s helps inspire everyone to think holistically about their food and the planet. Recent projects include:

FoodCorps: FoodCorps is creating a future where all children know what healthy food is, where it comes from, and eat it as often as possible. To support these efforts, Annie’s has funded over 700,000 to provide school lunches, hands-on cooking and gardening lessons, and more.

Grants for Gardens: To help connect students to healthy produce, Annie’s implemented a grants program. Schools around the country can apply for funding to support the construction and maintenance of healthy gardens.


We’ve “bean” meaning to tell you about Beanfields, a line of crunchy, plant-based, non-GMO snacks made out of … beans! This family-owned company doesn’t just make your new favorite tortilla chip, it also works to promote environmental sustainability and food security. Recent projects include:

Homeboy Industries: Beanfields donates 1 percent of its sales to Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that helps former gang members change their lives through job training, programs, and services.

B the Change: Beanfields is a Certified B Corporation, which means it’s a for-profit company committed to using business as a force for good and meets standards for social and environmental accountability and transparency.


Dogs can snooze up to 18 hours a day (if only we could all be so lucky!). When they’re not sleeping, they’re eating, and founders of the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. weren’t impressed with the poor-quality dog treats on the market, so they started a company that treats canine companions to the best ingredients possible and spreads pawsitive change for furry friends by supporting various animal organizations, too. Recent projects include:

Dogs for Deployment: Whenever you buy The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. treats, you help contribute to “Operation Drool Overload,” which supports Dogs for Deployment, an organization that provides the largest network of volunteer boarding homes and pet-related financial aid to our military families.


Co-founder Arran Stephens has said, “How we leave the earth is our collective legacy.” To this end, Nature’s Path gives back through a mix of in-kind donations, volunteerism, and an annual donation of $2 million-worth of organic food to help those in need. From hunger relief and environmental education to endangered species and habitat restoration, Nature’s Path continues forging its own path to leave the world a better place. Recent projects include:

Gardens for Good: This program supports three community gardens every year who share Nature’s Path’s vision of providing organic food to those who don’t have easy access to it.

Bite4Bite: For every Love Crunch product sold, Nature’s Path donates the equivalent in cash and organic food straight to the food bank, up to $1 million each year!


Our mission at Thrive Market is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone, and giving back has been baked into our mission since the beginning. Our Thrive Gives program makes it possible for low-income families, teachers, and veterans to be gifted Thrive Market memberships, and for us to continue supporting organizations like Baby2Baby, Blue Star Families, Feeding America, and more.


Stock up on these brands to support their amazing work and, at checkout, help us give back to communities in need. Just follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Fill your cart on

Step 2: Donate a portion of your savings to Thrive Gives at checkout.

Step 3: You’ll help a low-income family buy healthy food!

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Thrive Market is an online membership community that strives to make healthy living accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online membership community that strives to make healthy living accessible and affordable for everyone.

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